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Funny Turkey Hats Free Crochet Patterns

I bet you have a long list of amazing things you are thankful for this year, but I believe there is something still missing from it. Wondering what that could be? Free crochet patterns for Funny Turkey Hats, obviously! If you want to surprise your guests or prepare handcrafted gifts that will make the special people in your life laugh, you should definitely go for this original headwear pieces. Get to work on the exciting projects under the links below and don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook Page and Pinterest in order to discover more creative ideas!

Turkey Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Level: upper beginner Author: Lovable Loops

November weather unquestionably requires a warm hat that keeps you from the cold and the wind. If you’re the kind of person who likes to really honor the festive season, this design is a dream come true. I wouldn’t take it off until Christmas! You will find the pattern here.

Turkey Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Cooked Turkey Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Level: upper beginner Author: Elizabeth Ruth, The Ruthless Crafter


Wow, this project certainly proves that our crochet designers’ creativity has no limits whatsoever. This hilarious Turkey Hat is undoubtedly the most original accessory out there. Why choose a regular Thanksgiving-inspired hat when you can wear the main course on your head? You will find the pattern here. More info available here.


Cooked Turkey Hat Free Crochet Pattern



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