Knitting pattern: Christmas Characters

Christmas Characters Knitting Pattern

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Making Christmas decorations is as much fun and amazing as Christmas atmosphere, isn’t it? Today we present proposals for Christmas Characters that will proudly decorate your home. Just look at there Christmas Characters Knitting Patterns and create awesome decoration for your home. I’m sure your guests and your family will be delighted, because such decorations is something wonderful!

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Christmas Cone Snowman

This cute Snowman dressed in a Christmas hat and scarf looks really lovely. You can create many cap patterns and create a whole family of snowmen that will happily decorate your home. I hope this pattern has charmed you, because it looks beautiful!

Knitting pattern: Christmas Characters Snowman

You will find this free pattern here


Christmas Elf

These lovely Elfs look very beautiful and cute, just think how great they would look on your couch! What’s more, it’s also a great gift idea for your little family members. Create a lovely elf that will keep an eye on the candy! It’s something original and different than a standard Santa Claus or a Snowman, that’s why I’m so excited!

Knitting pattern: Christmas Characters Elf

You will find this pattern here



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