Amazing Crochet Mixed Stitch Ideas

Amazing Crochet Mixed Stitch Ideas


Sometimes one stitch isn’t enough. If you want to improve your skills or try something more difficult than before – Crochet Mixed Stitch is an answer!

Various stitches create a beautiful and unique pattern, so you can use it to make a blanket, napkin, shawl, or just whatever you want. And those hearts, braid, windows! Aren’t they lovely?

Make something pretty and give it as a gift to your loved one. It’s a beautiful decoration for your home, and moreover, the perfect idea for a Christmas gift or a birthday present for your best friend.

You can mix and match colors the way you like to create a beautiful rainbow crochet work. Every color is a great choice, and it’s up to you how the final job will look like. Anyway, it will be fantastic! Just get carried away and create something gorgeous!

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1. Crochet Mixed Stitch #1

  • Designed by MyPicot

Photo by MyPicot /

Find the original free pattern on

2. Herringbone Single Crochet Stitch

  • Designed by yarnTh3ory

Look what a fabulous texture you can create, knowing only a single crochet stitch! I see it for scarves, chunky cardigans, potholders, baskets, and many other projects. I found very detailed instructions with photos and a video tutorial. It’s a simple 2-row repeat with an incredible result.

Herringbone Single Crochet Stitch tutorial

Photo by yarnTh3ory /

Find the original free pattern on

3. Crochet Window Lace Pattern

  • Designed by Rose Crochê Brasil

This ornament impressed me greatly, so I’m here to share the free video tutorial. You can make an excellent net-style top for summer, a market bag for buying fruits and veggies, or a lovely lace shawl or scarf. There is only a video with instructions, and it’s precise and not fast, so you will afford to learn this marvelous stitch combination.

crochet window lace pattern

Photo by @rose_croche_brasil /

Find the original free video tutorial on Instagram.

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4. The Solomon’s Knot

  • Designed by Sarah-Jayne Fragola

This crochet stitch is interesting for those who are tired of typical single and double crochet projects. It’s easy enough to learn if you’re new to crochet and yet it works well for market bags, lace scarves, lightweight tops and so on. Watch a detailed video tutorial on YouTube and start crocheting right away!

Solomon's Knot crochet stitch tutorial

Photo by @bellacococrochet /

Find the original video tutorial on YouTube.

5. Crochet Peephole Lace Stitch

  • Designed by KnitcroAddict

Another beautiful lacy crochet stitch that will be a great addition to what you have already learned. Its lacy design makes it a great stitch for summer projects, so you’ll want to try it right away. It also works well for home décor, crocheted accessories, and more. Don’t miss your chance to learn something new! The easy-to-follow instructions will help you to master this skill in no time.

Peephole lace stitch crochet tutorial

Photo by KnitcroAddict /

Find the original free pattern on

6. The Cherry Blossom Stitch

  • Designed by Nordic Hook

If you’re tired of basic crochet stitches, there are many other crochet techniques you can learn. The cherry blossom stitch has a beautiful texture and brings back warm spring memories. Plus, it’s not complicated, so even the most adventurous beginner can master it. A step-by-step stitch tutorial is available on the website.

cherry blossom stitch tutorial

Photo by Nordic Hook /

Find the original free pattern on

7. The Sultan Stitch

  • Designed by Nordic Hook

Another easy technique for beginners. You only need to know how to double crochet to learn this great stitch. The fabric comes out very light, making this stitch perfect for summer projects. The thoroughly explained crochet pattern comes with lots of step-by-step photos. Improve your skills and grow as a crafter!

sultan stitch tutorial

Photo by Nordic Hook /

Find the original free pattern on

8. Pico Shells Lacy Stitch

  • Designed by Olga Poltava

Stitches are an essential part of crafting. If you want to stand out, you need to learn more than a single crochet. This crochet stitch is lacy and light, making it perfect for throws, summer blankets, crochet cardigans and scarves. The free crochet tutorial will easily teach you how to use it. Feel free to view the step-by-step video tutorial and enjoy your crochet project.

pico shells lacy stitch look

Photo by Olga Poltava /

Find the original video tutorial on YouTube, or read more about it on Ravelry.

9. The Aligned Sprout Stitch

  • Designed by Nordic Hook

Based on double crochet, this stitch is quite simple yet stylish and practical. Fabric made with this stitch is quite dense and durable. It is best for projects that need to be durable. The instructions are easy to follow for anyone who knows how to double crochet. Download the step by step crochet pattern right now and give it a try!

aligned sprout stitch look

Photo by Nordic Hook /

Find the original free pattern on

10. The Simple V Lines Stitch

  • Designed by Ieva

Once you have the basics down, it’s time to learn something new! This is a combination of single and double crochet, but it looks stunning and will work for many projects. Fabric made with this stitch is quite light and has a nice texture. Follow the step-by-step crochet tutorial and improve your skills.

a pink crochet fabric made with V lines stitch

PHOTOS by Nordic Hook /

Find the original free pattern on

11. X Stitch

  • Designed by Tanya Marie Johnson

If you know how to single crochet, double crochet and half double crochet, then you’ll be able to do this! The X crochet stitch gives fabric an interesting pattern and texture that works well for cardigans, ponchos, sweaters and other crochet clothing projects. The easy to follow stitch tutorial makes it easy for beginners to learn the basics. Try it for free and get creative!

a blue crochet fabric made with X stitch

PHOTOS by Tanya Marie Johnson /

Find the original free pattern on

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