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Easy Chunky Knitted Blankets

Although big woolen blankets remind us mainly of winter, every time is perfect for this Easy Chunky Knitted Blankets! Especially, if you can do one in one evening! Chunky wool is still big on trend, so if you missed the opportunity last winter, prepare yourself for the next! It’s super easy and super rewarding. It can also be a great gift idea and I promise you, that making this blanket will give you a lot of fun and joy!

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Extreme Knitted Blanket

  • Designed by allaboutami

If you’re looking for something that’s stunning and eye-catching, this Extreme Knitted Blanket is perfect for you. It looks impressive, it’s made of big and thick yarn and is super warm and soft, is there anything better? I’m sure that blanket like this will look amazing in every house, so it must be in yours! I hope you like it!

women with white big knitted blanket

PHOTOS by allaboutami /


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Big Fat Hygge Blanket

  • Designed by Amy Allen Clark (MomAdvice)

I love things that make my room cosy, especially during the winter. This Big Fat Hygge Blanket is perfect for cold evening, when you combine it with drinking cocoa and watching movies. Moreover, it’s super easy to make and looks funny. Create your blanket in the colour you like and enjoy its warmth and size!

light blue knitte blanket in the room

PHOTOS by Amy Allen Clark (MomAdvice) /

Find original free pattern on or read more about it on Ravelry.

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Nantucket Throw

  • Designed by Loopy Mango

If you’re begginer and want to create something amazing, check out this Nantucket Throw pattern. Fluffy soft blanket is something that everyone needs! Making this blanket is great fun and I’m sure you’ll be proud of the end result, and you’ll want to improve your skills. Amazing and useful!

beige knitted blanket on the light background

PHOTOS by Loopy Mango /

Find original free pattern on Ravelry.


Falling Bobbles Blanket

  • Designed by Purl Soho

This original and funny blanket is amazing. The blanket begins with a heavy concentration of bobbles that, as you knit, tapers down to a less-frequent few. Falling Bobbles Blanket is incredibly soft and cozy, so choose your favourite color and start today! Moreover, patterns is really easy so making this blanket is a pleasure.

white knitted blanket with bobbles

PHOTOS by Purl Soho /

Find original free pattern on or read more about it on Ravelry.

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Birch Knit Afgan

  • Designed by Clickety Sticks

This gorgeous knitted afghan by Clickety Sticks is a very comfy and easy blanket, so you can easily make it in just one or two evenings. What’s more, it’s perfect to just cozy cup under it all winter long. The finished size is 36.5” X 40” for a lapghan and 44” X 56” for an afghan.

Birch Knit Afgan

PHOTOS by Clickety Sticks /

Find original free pattern on or read more about it on Ravelry.

Long Lines

  • Designed by Yarnspirations Design Studio

This beautiful throw on the pictures below was made by Yarnspirations Design Studio. It’s a perfect project for beginner and it’s incredibly simple to knit. What’s more, all you need to do, is to take 2 contrasting shades of a multi – tone yarn (in this case it’s the Bernat Casa yarn). The finished size is 50″ x 60″ [127 x 152.5 cm].

Long Lines

PHOTOS by Yarnspirations Design Studio /

Find original free pattern on or read more about it on Ravelry.

Modern Mountain Throw Blanket

  • Designed by Jessica Reeves Potasz

Feel free to cosy up with this chunky, squishy throw by Jessica Reeves Potasz. First of all, it’s made with two modern stitches, that come together and create a classic, timeless blanket with a very nice in touch texture. What’s more, it looks amazing in any space and the finished size is 36.5” X 40” (lapghan) and 44” X 56” (afghan).

Modern Mountain Throw Blanket

PHOTOS by Jessica Reeves Potasz /

Find original free pattern on or read more about it on Ravelry.

Uptown Throw

  • Designed by Marni Reecer

This fantastic uptown throw has a very cool zig – zag chevron design, so it looks really modern and fun! Marni Reecer created this throw using two strands of the Universal Yarn Uptown Worsted, however don’t hesitate to use your favorite one! The most important thing is, that it should be soft and nice in touch.

Uptown Throw

PHOTOS by Marni Reecer /

Find original free pattern on or read more about it on Ravelry.

Colby Afghan

  • Designed by Lion Brand Yarn

You can literally never have enough cosy throws around your house. This fun blanket is made by Lion Brand Yarn and has a lovely, modern and casual vibe. The finished size is about 47 x 62 in. (119.5 x 157.5 cm). What’s more, it’s a really cool and easy to work with pattern, enjoy!

Colby Afghan

PHOTOS by Lion Brand Yarn /

Find original free pattern on or read more about it on Ravelry.

Double Moss Faded Throw

  • Designed by Vanessa Ewing

This gorgeous double moss faded throw was made by Vanessa Ewing and it’s a super chunky and bulky blankie, that’s going to make a fantastic lapghan. And as it is the season of gifting (even though it’s after Christmas), you can make a really great gift out of this one. What’s more, the finished size is 41″ x 44″.

Double Moss Faded Throw

PHOTOS by Vanessa Ewing /

Find original free pattern on Ravelry.

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