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Great Ripple Crochet Blankets Free Patterns

Is there anything better than a warm and soft crochet blanket? For instance a warm, soft Great Ripple blankets! This pattern is amazing and I’m sure you’ll like it. The colorful wavy pattern is original and you can make it in many different ways. Mix some of your favourite colours and create a beautiful ripple blanket. I’m sure it will be perfect for cold long evenings!

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Woodland Blanket

  • Designed by Lucy of Attic24

This funny Woodland Blanket is wonderful and could be a great gift for a family member or friend. Use other colours and change the mood of this blanket – make it into blue waves or yellow sand! You can also make a colorful rainbow blanket for a small family member! In other words, it’s a fantastic gift idea! 

Wavy colorful rainbow blanket

PHOTOS by Lucy of Attic24 /


Find original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.


Grandma Spiked My Ripple Blanket

  • Designed by Darlisa Riggs

Grandma Spiked My Ripple Blanket with small openings looks a little bit vintage, like an old grandma’s blanket. I think it’s magic and beautiful, because almost all of us love and remember our grandmas warmly. What’s more, this Blanket looks really cosy and if you choose beautiful colors, it will surely looks great!

Pink and purple ripple blanket

PHOTOS by Darlisa Riggs /

Find original free pattern on or read more about it on Ravelry.

Striped Baby Blanket

  • Designed by Jeanne Steinhilber

This cute Striped Baby Blanket is a perfect gift idea for new family member or your friend’s child, because hand-made gifts from the heart are always amazing! What’s more, you can make a pink blanket for a girl or a blue blanket for a boy, or just a funny, colourful baby blanket. I’m sure it’ll be loved!

White and pink baby blanket on the floor

PHOTOS by The Crochet Crowd /

Find original free pattern on or read more about it on Ravelry.

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Daisy Chain Blanket

  • Designed by Kerrie Coultas

This charming blanket is totally amazing, because apart from the wavy pattern, it has lovely flowers! What’s more, if you love daisies, or you’re just looking for some beautifully varied pattern, then this Daisy Chain pattern is for you! The colours of the yarn gives many possibilities to give your blanket original character.

Laying wavy blanket with flowers

PHOTOS by Kerrie Coultas /

Find original free pattern on Ravelry.


Rebel Ripple

  • Designed by Polly Plum

If you’re looking for something funny and colorful, which creates positive emotions, this Rebel Ripple pattern is just for you! Such a blanket will be perfect for a spring picnic, however it will also make you feel better on rainy autumn evenings. Awesome!

Rainbow colorful blanket on white background

PHOTOS by Polly Plum /

Find original free pattern on or read more about it on Ravelry.


Open Ripple Chevron Blanket

  • Designed by hearthookhome

This amazing, wavy blankie is a classic ripple chevron made by hearthookhome. I love how the author combined blue and yellow together, because I think it’s always a fantastic option! What’s more, you can make a gift out of this blankie, it can be for instance a stroller blankie!

Vintage Fan Ripple Blanket

PHOTOS by hearthookhome /

Find original free pattern on

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Vintage Fan Ripple Blanket

  • Designed by acreativebeing

This super cute fan ripple blanket was made by acreativebeing and it’s such a gorgeous project, that will make your baby nursery look a bit vintage and totally adorable! What’s more, you can use this pattern to make a bigger blankie or even a pillow case. I love this stitch!

Vintage Fan Ripple Blanket

PHOTOS by acreativebeing /

Find original free video tutorial on YouTube. or read more about it on Ravelry.

Vintage Rippling Blocks

  • Designed by Angela Maria

If you like colorful project, you will surely love this rippling blocks blanket made by Angela Maria on the pictures below. It’s a really soft and very cosy blankie, that will make you feel super warm and it’s a perfect lapghan! Feel free to use any gauge you like. The best part is, that it’s so beginner friendly!

Vintage Rippling Blocks

PHOTOS by Mlokeefe /

Find original free pattern on or read more about this version on Ravelry.

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