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Modern Crochet Handbags Free Patterns to Make in 2024


A handbag is one of those accessories that everyone needs. No matter what your style or how often you go shopping, you need a bag to carry some things around. Modern crochet handbags are on the fashion top now. The best way to make sure your bag is high quality and unique is to make it with your own hands. Learn how to crochet a handbag with these easy crochet patterns. They will help you on your way to a more eye-catching and practical accessory set.

From this post, you’ll learn about:

  • Beautiful and modern crochet handbag design ideas.
  • Free crochet patterns for handbags of various forms and sizes.
  • Color decision ideas for basic crocheted handbags.

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1. Japanese Knot Bag

  • Designed by Tiffany Le

Stylish and simple. There’s nothing excessive about this crocheted bag. The Japanese knot bag pattern is easy to follow, yet it stands out for its vibrant color palette and simple construction. A bag like this is perfect for shopping or for your unexpected purchases. It’s not too big, so you can fold it up and carry it in your other bag just in case.

Two pictures of a crocheted bag with a striped pattern.

PHOTOS by Tiffany Le / Ravelry.com

Find the original free pattern on everydayle.wixsite.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.

2. Hobo Handbag

  • Designed by Natalie Pelikh

Attractive design. The cables give this crochet handbag a really fancy look. It’s not too big but still voluminous. Also great for shopping, but has more character than the easy crochet handbag. A bag like this will look great with earth tones: whether you prefer long coats or short warm jackets, this bag will make you look even bigger.

Two pictures of a yellow crocheted bag.

PHOTOS by Natalie Pelikh / Ravelry.com

Find the original video tutorial on YouTube, or read more about it on Ravelry.

3. Simple Tote Bag

  • Designed by Viv Crochets

Minimalist approach. Sometimes we don’t want to stand out or prefer not to do so with accessories. This minimalist crochet handbag will work for those occasions. It has a practical shape that resembles both a regular bag and a tote or a shopper, so you can use it for different occasions. The neutral mono color also adds to the style of the piece. The tote bag crochet pattern is free.

A woman is holding a brown knitted tote bag.

PHOTOS by Viv Crochets / Ravelry.com

Find the original free pattern on vivcrochets.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.

4. Amelia Bag

  • Designed by Kate Kosenko Veselunka

Lacey and fancy. If you want your bag to be feminine and great for bright summer outfits, this one’s for you. It has a nice design: not screaming, but captivating. It’s also quite lightweight. The crochet tote bag pattern uses a lot of basic techniques, so intermediate crocheters can use the opportunity to practice and master what they have learned.

A woman is holding a pink crocheted bag.

PHOTOS by Kate Kosenko Veselunka / Ravelry.com

Find the original free pattern on hobbii.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.

5. Granny Square Boho Bag

  • Designed by Kai Lea

Eye-catching and very summery. This crocheted handbag is just right for your necessities. It’s roomy enough to hold all your essentials and the design will complement your outfit. Plus, the project is easy: it’s based on the granny crochet square technique and is great for beginners. It doesn’t take much time to complete, so save the pattern for later.

Two pictures of a woman with a crocheted handbag.

PHOTOS by Kai Lea / Ravelry.com

Find the original free pattern on craftingonthefly.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.

6. Grit Stitch Bag

  • Designed by Lion Brand Yarn

Minimalist crochet handbag for your groceries and essentials. The bag has a simple design that is both stylish and easy to make. It’s a beginner-friendly project that allows you to practice the basics without stress. You will learn the simple grit stitch, which you can then use for other projects. The bag is made in separate pieces that are then sewn together.

A woman is holding a crocheted handbag on a couch.

PHOTOS by Lion Brand Yarn / Ravelry.com

Find the original free pattern on lionbrand.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.

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