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Comfy Earwarmers Free Crochet Patterns

Winter is a time when temperature is low, so we need to take care of our health. Not everyone feels comfortable with a hat and likes to wear it, so what’s the solution? With these Comfy Earwarmers you can look stylish and protect your ears from the cold at the same time, it’s amazing! Just take a look at these beautiful earwarmers and choose your favorite pattern!

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Puff Stitch Ear Warmer

Lovely earwarmers will decorate and protect your ears during cold weather. The colorful pattern is really amazing and I hope you’ll like it. You can also create Puff Stitch Ear Warmer in other colors if you like, because I’m sure they will look gorgeous too.

Girl with purple headband and three colorful headband


You will find this free pattern here


Karen’s Winter Headband

This stylish headband will look amazing for elegant outfit, such as a coat and boots. Karen’s Winter Headband will protect your ears and looks very feminine. I’m sure it’ll look great for undone hair! Choose your favourite yarn color and start today!

Women in burgundy headband

You will find this free pattern here


Boho Ear Warmer

Thanks to the many colors and patterns arranged in a coherent whole, this band looks like a hippie and boho style, it is amazing! The golden yarn is eye-catching and makes the ear warmer very original!. It’s perfect choice for intermediate level.

Colorful hippie boho headband on white background

You will find this pattern here


Double Threat Ear Warmer

This headband it a perfect choice if you need more protection for your head during the winter. Double Threat Ear Warmer is built up and will cover not only your ears but also most of your head like a hat. Pattern is stunning so it’s best to do some of them in different colors!

Autumn headband yellow orange burgundy and pink earwarmer

You will find your pattern here


Do you need something original, funny and special? Just look at this pattern! A simple headband and one big funny element makes this headband really cool! You can create any shape you want – flower, heart, butterfly or maybe animal?

women in white headband heart and flower

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