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Free Crochet Flower Patterns

Wise men say that a flower cannot blossom without sunshine and men cannot live without love. Just think about that! Meanwhile, all I know for sure is that all the crochet lovers out there cannot live or blossom without free patterns they can use to make little wonders out of soft, colourful yarn. Today we are focusing on flower theme, so get ready to bloom! Just make sure to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest first!

Iceland Poppy Free Crochet Pattern

Level: upper beginner Author: Picot Pals

Let me introduce one of the cutest-looking little flowers out there to you! It’s the Iceland poppy, a beautiful but fragile plant with warm-coloured petals. In contrary, the poppy you crochet will last forever, as long as you follow the amazing pattern we found for you. Your perfect Iceland flower is under this link.

The NeverEnding Wildflower Free Crochet Pattern

Level: upper beginner Author: Little Monkeys Crochet

Who doesn’t love to look at wildflowers growing free and making the world look pretty? Make your wardrobe and your house look pretty with these decorative crochet wildflowers you can adorn clothes and accessories with. They look great in all colours and sizes! The flowers grow under this link. Look here for more info.



The Pondoland Square Free Crochet Pattern

Level: intermediate Author: Jen Tyler

Are you on the hunt for new accessories for your bedroom or maybe trying to give the old sofa a makeover? I am sure a warm handmade blanket or a cushion with a unique floral ornament will be just the perfect fit for you then! Crochet this fab square design fallowing this step-by-step pattern. You can find more info here.


Mollie Flowers Free Crochet Pattern

Level: beginner Author: Brigitte Read

With these adorable tiny flowers you will finally be able to fully show off your incredible crocheting talent. Choose the yarn in your favourite colours and combine the flowers to create the design of your dreams. Do you need a necklace, new stylish earrings or a warm flowery blanket? Sky is the limit! The pattern is available here. Look for more info here.


March Flower Free Crochet Pattern

Level: beginner Author: Ali Crafts Designs

If you’re still at the beginning of your great crocheting adventure and currently into spring or summer vibes, this free pattern is a dream come true. You can decorate pretty much everything with these cute little flowers, so the project is definitely worth your while. Click here and get inspired!


Irish Crochet Flower Free Pattern

Level: upper beginner Author: Golden Lucy Crafts

What could possibly be more beautiful than a flower that resembles a snowflake? Mother nature knows how to create wonders, and so will you if you just follow the right instructions. Are you wondering where to find these elegant flowers? They blossom right here!



Poppy Flower Free Crochet Pattern

Level: beginner Author: Shaira Urbano

Dreaming of a lazy afternoon spent lying under the sun on a poppy meadow? With this easy-to-follow free crochet pattern you will feel like it’s summer all year round! Decorate your clothes and accessories with this purpose in mind. The adorable red flowers swing in the wind under this link.


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