Fashionable Crochet Accessories

10 Fashionable Crochet Accessories


The fashionable crochet accessories have one magic spell: they can completely change the tone of your outfit.

Let me show you an example. Imagine yourself in a lovely dress a lunchtime.

You might have a casual, sport-chic, or any other look. And you plan to go to a party at night. Add some stylish crochet accessories, and you’re ready! Long earrings, a trendy necklace, and maybe a belt.

Or it’s a dinner with your girlfriends — choose lovely flower earrings, a bead necklace, and a lace headband. One dress + different accessories = many looks!

Find some nice free crochet patterns here to create your best handmade accessories in the world. Crochet jewelry can be so fantastic.

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1. African Flower Earrings

  • Designed by Meraki Crochet Studio

These beautiful flower earrings are the perfect add-on to your summer and spring look with dresses, blouses, and skirts. You can make them with a free crochet earrings pattern in an evening and immediately show the new thing to everybody.

crochet earrings free pattern

PHOTOS by Meraki Crochet Studio /

Find the original free pattern on Instagram.

2. Crochet Summer Headband

  • Designed by Jo to the World Creations

The crochet summer headband is a lovely accessory that makes you look feminine and romantic. It’s a beautiful gift for teenage girls and preschoolers also. With this easy free crochet headband pattern, you’ll earn an excellent accessory in just 30 minutes. So grab your crochet tools and enjoy!

crochet headband free pattern

PHOTOS by Jo to the World Creations /

Find the original free pattern on

3. Flowery Necklace & Earrings

  • Designed by Heather C Gibbs

The flowery crochet necklace and earrings are a beautiful kit to update your casual outfits. It looks great even with a simple t-shirt. You can make it with a free crochet necklace pattern or follow the supportive video tutorial. So, there is no chance to quit.

crochet necklace free pattern

PHOTOS by Heather C Gibbs (KCACO.UK) /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

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4. Ethnic Earrings

  • Designed by Natalie Lviv

The ethnic earrings are a beautiful accessory for your stylish, trendy outfits. It’s a super easy project, and you’ll finish your pair in 30 minutes. Just follow the free crochet pattern and diagram in it.

These crochet earrings are the perfect last-minute gift for your mom, sister, or friend. Enjoy!

earrings free crochet pattern

PHOTOS by Natalie Lviv /

Find the original free pattern on Ravelry.

5. Tiny Crocheted Roses

  • Designed by One Little Ragdoll Amigurumi

These tiny crocheted roses are perfect for adding a charming touch to any outfit. Whether you’re an experienced crocheter or just starting out, this beginner-friendly pattern is easy to follow and quick to make.

With their delicate petals and vibrant colors, these crocheted roses will brighten up any look and make a beautiful gift for a loved one. Best of all, the pattern is completely free, so you can start creating your own adorable crocheted roses today! Go on and try your hand right now!

crochet roses applique free pattern

PHOTOS by @onelittleragdoll /

Find the original free pattern on Instagram.

7. Easy-to-crochet Rose

  • Designed by passionatecraft2

If you’re looking for a simple yet stunning crochet project, stop on these easy crochet roses! These realistic crocheted flowers are even better than the real thing, and they would look great on your hairpins, brooch, or earrings.

Perfect for beginners, this little project is a great way to get started with crochet without getting overwhelmed. Once you’ve made a few of these adorable rose appliques, you can pin them everywhere — including clothes, bags, hats, or even as a decorative accent for your home. Add it to your to-do list!

roses applique free crochet pattern

PHOTOS by passionatecraft2 /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

7. Mosaic Crochet Necklace

  • Designed by yarmirina

A lively and super easy project for those who want to make an unusual accessory that stands out. This crochet necklace is sure to turn heads! And it is very quick and almost effortless to make. Try it out with the free video tutorial.

crochet beads free pattern

PHOTOS by @yarmirina /

Find the original video tutorial on YouTube.

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8. Crochet Puff Stitch Flower Necklace

  • Designed by Moara Crochet

The most touching accessory you’ll ever see! The texture of the flowers is beautiful, and each flower uses only a few yards of yarn. We recommend mixing colors to create a necklace that reflects your personality. The crochet pattern is free to use.

crochet flower necklace free pattern

PHOTOS by Moara Crochet /

Find the original free pattern on

9. XS Butterflies Appliques

  • Designed by Sharon de Vaal

The Tiny Crochet Butterflies are perfect for decorating anything. Their small size means you can place them anywhere, and they are very easy to make. There are also free appliqués for crochet earrings and hair pins! Follow the easy-to-follow video instructions on Youtube and get started.

butterfly applique free crochet pattern

PHOTOS by Sharon de Vaal /

Find the original video tutorial on YouTube, or read more about it on Ravelry.

10. Cascade Rainbow Earrings

  • Designed by Divine Debris

June is coming, and these earrings are perfect for early summer! The vibrant design allows you to add fresh colors to any outfit. We recommend adding and mixing as many colors as you like to express your personality. Best of all, they’re quick to make, so you’ll have plenty of time before summer arrives. So don’t wait and get started with this free earrings crochet pattern!

rainbow earrings free crochet pattern

PHOTOS by Divine Debris /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

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