A collage of easy Christmas crafts for kids.

Christmas DIY Ornaments Free Patterns


Many different Christmas decorations are must have during the Christmas!

I think you will agree that hand-made decorations are much more fun than those bought in the store. That’s why today we are presenting easy Christmas decorations that you can make with your child! I’m sure your guests and your family will be delighted, because such decorations is something wonderful!

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Angel Pipe Cleaner

This angel looks beautiful and all you need is a pipe cleaner. What’s more, making this decoration is very easy and the final effects are wonderful. Then you can hang such beautiful angels on a Christmas tree and be proud of them! If you want, you can make them in various vivid colors!

Christmas DIY Ornaments Silver Angel

You will find this free pattern here


Cardboard Reindeers

This amazing decoration is really simple and beautiful, that’s why you should do it today! Just look at this cute reindeer, isn’t he lovely? All you need is a few basic school supplies and a little fun!

Christmas DIY Ornaments Brown Reindeer

You will find this free pattern here


Nativity craft

All you need for this beautiful Christmas decoration is paper, glue and scissors. Isn’t that enough reason to make this Nativity Craft? It looks really nice and I think it will look great on a Christmas table.

Christmas DIY Ornaments Nativity Paper Card

You will find this free pattern here


Penguin Christmas Card

Do you like lovely and fun Christmas Card that you can send to your friends or family? This funny and easy to make Penguin Christmas Card is a great opportunity to develop your child’s creativity! These shapes are very simple, but together they make a funny penguin.

Christmas DIY Ornaments Black and White Penguin

You will find this free pattern here

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