Tasty Amigurumi Ideas

Tasty Amigurumi Ideas


Themed decorations are never out of style! If you like cozy little cafés and desserts as we do, these tasty amigurumi projects will be a lot of fun. The crocheted desserts not only look delicious, but their compact size means they can be displayed almost anywhere. This means you can decorate any room or even use them to personalize your backpacks and bags. Let’s have a look!

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1. Ice Cream Waffle Cup

  • Designed by Candy Downs

This cute little ice cream is already in the cup, so it’s a great option for today’s prompt! The pattern uses a number of different stitches and colors, so this project will be very enjoyable for both intermediate and advanced crocheters. Get a taste of summer with this tiny crocheted dessert! You can download the amigurumi ice cream pattern for free.

amigurumi ice cream free crochet pattern

PHOTOS by @hooked.on.candy / Instagram.com

Find the original free pattern on Instagram.

2. Royal Cake

  • Designed by essiebirdies

Get ready for the Dutch Kingsday with the crocheted Royal Cake. Not only does it look royal, it is also royal fun, so start this amigurumi project now! It’s a really unusual decoration that will brighten up your room 100%. Try the crochet cake pattern for free!

amigurumi cake free crochet pattern

PHOTOS by @essiebirdies / Instagram.com

Find the original free pattern on essiebirdies.files.wordpress.com.

3. Cute Ice Cream Cone

  • Designed by Thao Nguyen Lennutas

Add something new to your crochet collection! These crochet ice cream cones can be used to decorate your pens, key rings, and even as kitchen or party decorations. This is a great project if you want to master your crochet skills and try your hand at amigurumi. Download the free pattern to get started.

pencil topper amigurumi free crochet pattern

PHOTOS by Thao Nguyen Lennutas / Ravelry.com

Find the original free pattern on lennutas.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.

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4. Totoro Donut

  • Designed by Mindy Made It

Meet your neighbor Totoro! The crocheted Totoro doughnut makes a great gift for both sweet teeth and anime fans. It looks fun, and so it works! Improve your crocheting skills today with this project. The amigurumi donut pattern is free to follow.

amigurumi donut free crochet pattern

PHOTOS by @mindymadeit / Instagram.com

Find the original free pattern on Instagram.

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