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Sweetest Amigurumi Unicorns Free Patterns

Have you noticed how unicorns have been extremely popular lately, and we don’t mean only among little girls and teenagers? They’ve certainly taken our pop culture by storm, along with the whole fashion and beauty industry. Things like that happen for a reason! We mean, just look at how alluring these magical creatures are! They get even more magical while crocheted in Japan-inspired amigurumi style. Yes, the one that makes every crochet animal so cute that it’s impossible to resist. We know you can’t resist the cuteness, so enjoy the patterns we’ve found for you and go search for more on our Facebook and Pinterest.

Rainbow Cuddles Unicorn

Level: upper beginner Author: 1 Dog Woof

Do we even need to explain why this crochet unicorn simply makes our hearts melt away? The fluffy softness, the amazing chubbiness, the colors of the rainbow on his head and tail… it all just speaks for itself. Mr. Cute hides under this link.


Unicorn Free Crochet Pattern

Wanda the Crochet Unicorn Doll

Level: upper beginner Author: The Friendly Red Fox

Let us present to you the one and only – Wanda, the unicorn queen! Why do we love her? Well, mostly for her super friendly little face and the splendid, colorful mess on her round little head! You will find Wanda the Queen under this link.

Wanda the Crochet Unicorn Doll Free Pattern

Charley The Unicorn

Level: upper beginner Author: Janet McMahon

We adore Charley for his fabulous, glittery silver horn and for the sweetest expression he has on his cute face. You definitely need this one in your unicorn squad, so start crocheting right away! You will find the pattern here, and more info here.

Charley the unicorn crochet pattern

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