Top Summer Hats Crochet Patterns

Top Summer Hats Crochet Patterns


Hats, apart from protecting us from the sun, look very pretty and feminine. They will be especially useful during sunny holidays for summer outfits. Check out these summer hats crochet patterns, and choose the hat that’s best for you!

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1. My Girl Rustic Hat

  • Designed by DROPS Design

This dreamy summer hat is easy to make and really beautiful. Simple in form, natural in color, and made with great quality yarn – cotton is the best for this season! The rope gives it a rustic look, perfect for countryside trips. Check it out!

PHOTO by DROPS Design /

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2. Sunny Beach Hat

  • Designed by Jennifer Renaud

This hat is a crocheted simplicity. White is perfect for summer, and the sky blue accent gives it a cool nautical style. With a hat like this, your head will be perfectly protected, and you’ll get some style points on the beach. What’s more, this hat will look beautiful in holiday photos!

PHOTO by Jennifer Renaud /

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3. Crochet Summer Hat

  • Designed by InterUnet

If you prefer something more fun, play with colors. Green and yellow are a great match! What’s more, this summer hat is quite easy to make. You can work on the width of the brim to be sure it protects you from the sun. Oh, and don’t forget to add the flower! It’s so lovely!

PHOTO by InterUnet /

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4. Stylish Elegant Hat

  • Designed by Crochet by Maria

This hat is perfect for special occasions, so if you want to look elegant and fashionable, this hat is for you! In addition, a stylish hat is in vintage style, so if you like original styling and unusual accessories, start making this hat now.

PHOTO by Crochet by Maria /

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5. Crochet Sun Hat

  • Designed by KnitcroAddict

A beautiful and easy-to-pack crocheted hat for your summer outings. This is an interesting crochet project, and we recommend that you take your time and crochet deliberately. The crochet hat comes in sizes S, M, and L. Size M works best, but you will find one that fits you. Get creative and download the free crochet pattern!

sunhat free crochet pattern

PHOTO by KnitcroAddict /

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6. Sunny Bucket Hat

  • Designed by We Are Knitters

This crocheted bucket hat has an amazing texture. It’s soft, comfortable to wear, and interesting to make. This crochet pattern is a must-have for the summer as it will perfectly protect your head from the sun. If you want to know how to crochet the summer hat, click on the link and download the free print-friendly pattern!

bucket hat free crochet pattern

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7. Filet Bucket Hat

  • Designed by Fran Mori

Basic crochet accessory and a must for every crocheter. The Crochet Bucket Hat is easy to make as it only requires knowledge of a filet crochet technique, i.e., single crochet, double crochet, and slip stitches. This makes it a great project for the adventurous beginner. Using only one color of yarn, the project can be completed in 2-3 hours. Get the easy-to-follow pattern for free.

peach and pink crochet bucket hats in filet crochet technique

PHOTO by Fran Mori /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

8. Maratea Hat

  • Designed by Isabella Ricci

Another simple and essential design with a store-bought look. No matter what your level, you should try this easy handmade project. This crocheted summer hat works from the top down, starting with a magic ring. Specific increases allow you to create a classic silhouette with a narrow brim. Visit the original website to get the step-by-step pattern for free!

crochet bucket hat on a woman

PHOTO by Isabella Ricci /

Find the original free pattern on Ravelry.

9. Shellevision Bucket Hat

  • Designed by Annette Corsino

A simple and quick bucket hat design for a fun summer look! If you’re already anticipating the warm season, this crochet project can take you to next summer! Fun to crochet and comfortable to wear, it’s a great choice for everyday outfits. The pattern is adjustable for different sizes, so you just need to do some sizing to get a perfect fit.

Two pictures of a woman wearing a crocheted summer hat.

PHOTOS by Annette Corsino /

Find the original free pattern on Ravelry.

10. Bright Bucket Hat

  • Designed by Hattie Townsend

If you don’t have a crochet bucket hat yet, you need to make this one. The simple design means you can complete the project even with beginner skills. You will be using magic ring, single crochet, increases, decreases and a few more basic techniques. Plus, you will be working down in a spiral, which is quite unusual. Read the free pattern today and get ready for spring!

Two pictures of a woman wearing a summer hat

PHOTOS by Hattie Townsend /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

11. Sc Bucket Hat

  • Designed by Tiffany Le

Extremely easy project for those just starting out. This crocheted bucket hat is a trendy accessory, great for spring and summer. Warmer days are ahead, so it’s a nice idea to prepare your wardrobe. This pattern is based on single crochet, so you won’t struggle to complete it even if it’s one of your first projects. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.

Two pictures showcasing a crocheted summer hat in vibrant pink and red hues.

PHOTOS by Tiffany Le /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

12. Quick & Easy Bucket Hat

  • Designed by Viv Crochets

A stylish choice for those who like simplicity in their style. With this beginner’s pattern you will make a simple crocheted bucket hat to protect yourself from the heat of the summer sun. Spring is just around the corner, so don’t miss this opportunity. When the time comes, you will be ready. The pattern will guide you step by step.

Two pictures of a woman wearing a crocheted hat, perfect for summer.

PHOTOS by Viv Crochets /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

13. Lattice Sunhat

  • Designed by Kylie Ding

Comfortable and durable, this crocheted sunhat won’t take much time to complete, but will certainly serve you for a long time. The hat is designed to keep your head perfectly safe from the summer sun when it’s boiling outside. The pattern is simple, so you can make it even with the skills of a beginner. Just be sure to check the instructions often.

Two pictures of a woman wearing a crocheted summer hat.

PHOTOS by Kylie Ding /

Find the original free pattern on Ravelry.

14. Hydrangea Hat

  • Designed by Lirio Knits

A cute crocheted sun hat for feminine outfits. The piece is not only practical but also interesting to make. It uses the simple magic circle together with the mosaic crochet technique for flowers. The pattern is suitable for those who already know simple techniques and want to move on to something more interesting. Be sure to save the bucket hat pattern for later.

A woman is wearing a summer hat adorned with flowers.

PHOTOS by Lirio Knits /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

15. Seaside Sun Hat

  • Designed by Kaitlin Barthold

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to expand your accessory set. This crocheted summer hat will not only protect you from the sun, it will also give you a bit of vintage charm. It looks great with a scarf and simple beach outfits, so don’t miss the opportunity to make such a quality item with the free pattern.

A woman wearing a summer hat.

PHOTOS by Kaitlin Barthold /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

16. 10560 Crochet Bucket Hat

  • Designed by Sirdar

Simple and trendy. Crocheted bucket hats have been all the rage in recent years. No wonder: they have a simple design, and they’re light. A good summer hat should have both of these qualities. If you’re looking for an easy project that will last you a long time, save this pattern. The hottest days are upon us, and you’ve got some time.

Two women showcasing summer bucket hats, one in pink and the other in black.

PHOTOS by Sirdar /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

17. Summer Slouch Beanie 025

  • Designed by Simply Made By Erin

A crocheted beanie is an unusual choice for summer, but this project proves it’s not impossible. It’s light and lacey, which means your skin will breathe and your hair will stay healthy. The hat provides great sun protection, especially when it’s made in light colors. Just remember to follow the pattern step by step. It’s easy, and you won’t have any trouble.

A girl wearing a crochet hat.

PHOTOS by Simply Made By Erin /

Find the original free pattern on Ravelry.

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