Christmas Santa hat knitting pattern

Christmas Santa Hat Free Knitting Pattern

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I think we all know what a typical Santa hat with a white pompon looks like. However, instead of buying a regular ready-made cap, create your own Santa hat! I am sure that such a unique cap will give you a lot of fun during Christmas! Whether you are looking for a classic solution or a funny, unusual hat, check out these patterns because you will surely find something for yourself!

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Smiling Santa Hat

  • Designed by Cassandra May

Maybe this is the cutest knitted Santa hat I’ve ever seen. It’s a baby-size hat that your kids will surely love. Just imagine what adorable photos you can take for Christmas if your little one wears this hat! The knit Christmas hat pattern is free, so try it!

Santa hat free knitting pattern

PHOTOS by Cassandra May /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

Family Santa Hats

  • Designed by Gina Michele

Do you plan to make a family photo shoot for Christmas? When yes, knit these cute family Santa hats with a free knitting pattern and make a lovely family look! You’ll spend only a few hours making each because it requires bulky yarn. So, grab your gear, and let’s begin!

free knitted Santa hat pattern

PHOTOS by Gina Michele /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

The Hostess Hat

This cap with snowflake motif and funny pompon is perfect for cold, Christmas days. On the one hand, it’s not a typical Santa’s hat, but on the other hand, the motif and colors are the same, so it’s a great solution for an adult!

Santa Hat Red Hat with Snowflake

You will find this free pattern here


Elf Baby Beanie

Look at that sweet Elf Baby Beanie, isn’t it cute? I’m sure your child will look very cute in it, and will be very happy with this funny, long cap. Create this cap today and make your child a real Santa Claus elf helper.

Elf Hat Stripped aHat with Pompon

You will find this free pattern here


Classic Santa Hat

If you like classic solutions without any additions, you will surely like this Classic Santa Hat. This is a classic Santa’s hat, which certainly everyone knows. Instead of buying a fabric Santa cap in the shop, create your own, well made cap and enjoy Christmas!

Classic Red Santa Hat with Children

You will find this free pattern here


Santa Hat for Children & Adults

This Santa Hat is ideal for both children and adults, which is awesome, because you can make these hats for your whole family! Just look at this funny material pompon, I’m sure your family will look great in it!

Red and White Santa Christmas Hat

You will find this free pattern here


Stripped Santa Hat

This funny Stripped Santa Hat looks more like an elf hat than a Santa, and the length and striped pattern make this cap look really fun. I love such original patterns and I hope you like them too! And that lovely pompon! Isn’t it wonderful?

Stripped Long White and Red Hat

You will find this pattern here


Thick Santa Hat

This Santa Hat is fashionable and girly, so it’s perfect for women who want to look beautiful even in Christmas costume! Hat is made of thick material, so in addition to looking great, it’s also very sturdy!

Girl in Red Christmas Hat

You will find this pattern here


Santa Beehive Slouchy

Are you looking for a Santa hat that has a great pattern and shape? Look at this Santa Beehive Slouchy. Surely it will be perfect for Christmas party and Christmas Eve! What’s more, this hat has a big and thick pompon that looks great!

Girl with Red Christmas Hat with Pompon

You wil find this pattern here


Santa Cable-band Beehive Slouchy

This cap is very similar to the one you saw just now, because it also has a big and thick pompon that looks great. In addition, it has a black button on the front that catches your attention, and that’s what makes it different!

Girl with Red Christmas Hat with Button

You will find this pattern here

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