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Fashionable Crochet Shorts for Your Wardrobe


Shorts are a must-have for spring, summer, and even fall. The good news is that you can make a pair of crochet shorts with your own hands. They will look the way you want them to and fit you perfectly. These are just some of the advantages of handmade crochet projects. As for the disadvantages, there’s only one — you can get addicted to the art of crocheting.

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1. Crochet Pants

  • Designed by KnitcroAddict

The design of these long crochet pants is simple and elegant. It’s also an easy enough crochet project for adventurous beginners who are comfortable with single and double crochet stitches. For these crochet bermuda shorts, the designer recommends using the fingering weight yarn to make the texture great. Check out the free crochet pattern and supportive video tutorial for it.

crochet bermuda shorts free pattern

PHOTOS by KnitcroAddict / knitcroaddict.com

Find the original free pattern on knitcroaddict.com.

2. Wide leg Crochet Shorts

  • Designed by KnitcroAddict

Modern-looking shorts made with a minimalist approach in mind. They will be very comfortable in summer and even in fall due to their design. This crochet project uses only basic stitches and is beginner friendly. The rope cord makes these handmade shorts look very trendy. The step-by-step instructions will help you finish this project quickly.

crochet shorts free pattern

PHOTOS by KnitcroAddict / knitcroaddict.com

Find the original free pattern on knitcroaddict.com.

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3. Crochet Shorts Beach Cover Up

  • Designed by Cr8tion Crochet for Furls Crochet

These crochet shorts look cute and are very soft, which really enhances the wearing experience. They are not complicated, and you can start the project no matter what your level. For this crochet project there’s a free crochet pattern with easy-to-follow instructions. It’s perfect for summer vacations as a beach cover-up.

crochet bloomers free pattern

PHOTOS by Cr8tion Crochet / furlscrochet.com

Find the original free pattern on furlscrochet.com.

4. Daisy Shorts & Top

  • Designed by Claudia Maria

This is a great pair of crochet shorts and a top set for any occasion. The pretty daisy square motifs make it look really cute, and it’s also comfortable. This project has a low level of difficulty, so you don’t need to have many skills to get started. You can download and print the crochet shorts pattern for this piece for free.

crochet granny square shorts free pattern

PHOTOS by Claudia Maria / circuloyarns.com

Find the original free pattern on circuloyarns.com.

5. Crochet Romper

  • Designed by CROCHET BY AG

A lace crochet romper that combines a comfortable fit with a trendy design. Its lace motif makes this crochet garment a must-have for the summer, allowing your skin to breathe and feel good. The romper is designed to enhance your natural beauty and make you stand out in any occasion.  Watch the free video tutorial and have fun.

a young girl in beige meshed crochet romper

PHOTOS by @crochetbyag / Instagram.com

Find the original video tutorial on YouTube.

6. Striped Crochet Shorts

  • Designed by CROCHET BY AG

If you’re looking for a lightweight crochet garment that feels great on sunny days, consider learning to crochet shorts. They have a cute striped pattern and are very comfortable to wear even when it’s really hot outside. The project is simple enough and can be completed quickly. The free video tutorial on youtube will help you along the way.

a young girl in white t-shirt and black, grey, and white crochet short shorts

PHOTOS by @crochetbyag / Instagram.com

Find the original video tutorial on YouTube.

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