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Technicolor Blankets Free Crochet Patterns

Here’s a special message for all our fellow crocheters: life is better in technicolor! Don’t get us wrong, we still love subtle pastel shades, but let’s face it – we all need some extra energy in our lives sometimes. Given that, we present you these blankets in vivid, bright colors. A blanket like that will work like the perfect pick-me-up, no doubt about that! Get color-crazy and have fun crocheting! And if you’re looking for more inspiration, don’t hesitate to follow our Facebook Page and Pinterest!

Stashbuster Squares Project

  • Designed by The Crochet Swirl

Here is a wonderful stash-busting project for you that will create a fantastic colorful blanket of your leftovers. Check the free crochet square pattern for this throw and learn a lovely lemon peel stitch modified by the designer. Don’t worry, it utilizes double crochet and half treble crochet only. Enjoy!

free crochet blanket pattern

PHOTOS by @thecrochetswirl /

Find the original free pattern on

Mondrian Windows Blanket

  • Designed by The Crochet Swirl

Here is a wonderful project for intermediate-level crocheters who want to bring some color accents to their interiors or just look for lovely gift ideas. Take this free crochet pattern and create a stylish technicolor blanket. It consists of small patchwork squares joined together and framed with a laconic border. It looks incredible, do you agree?

free crochet patchwork blanket pattern

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Find the original free pattern on

Josephine’s Rainbow Blanket

  • Designed by Kirsten Ballering

This crochet blanket is a burst of bright colors and a cheerful mood. You’ll make it with many triangles. You can join the colors as you go or use the color diagram that the author shares with the free crochet blanket pattern. Enjoy!

free crochet rainbow blanket pattern

PHOTOS by Haak Maar Raak /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

Technicolor Triangles Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Level: beginner Author: Ellen Gormley (original pattern)

If you’re at the beginning of your crocheting adventure, this is certainly the perfect project for you. The fabulous color scheme and the geometric motif give this design the modern vibe we all look for nowadays. You should look for this particular project here and for the original pattern here. In case you needed more information, check out this place.

Technicolor Triangles Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


Technicolor Squares Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Level: beginner Author: Holly Barcelo

We’re definitely staying in technicolor, but let’s move from triangles to squares now, shall we? This design is a pure burst of colors and energy that will brighten up your room. You will find the step-by-step pattern here. Go crazy!

Technicolor TTechnicolor Squares Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


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