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Modern Knitted Socks Designs with Free Patterns for Everyone


Modern knitted socks patterns offer various designs for classic and bright pairs you’ll love to wear with your outfits. Check out these free knitting patterns and choose a few for yourself!

Knitted socks are the number one thing you need to feel comfortable during the cold season. Such projects vary so much that it’s very easy to find the one that will suit and fit you. You can choose the basic ones or with an eye-catching design. You can opt for a lighter one if you want to wear them during the demi-season or for the extra thick one to put them on at home when the central heating is not helping. Just pick the knit socks pattern you like and bring it to life!

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1. Two Week Wait Socks

  • Designed by Bolly Blatcher

A bright pair for your stunning outfits. This pattern is a fun twist on the classic striped sock pattern. The sock is easy to make and knits from the toe up. The design is not boring and not overdone: just enough to add to your style. Think of this project as a way to brighten up your outfit, and don’t be afraid of the pattern, it’s quite understandable.

A pair of yellow and blue striped socks hanging on a wall.

PHOTOS by Bolly Blatcher / Ravelry.com

Find the original free pattern on Google Docs, or read more about it on Ravelry.

2. Basic Unisex Socks

  • Designed by Yulia Ilinkova

A basic pair for those who prefer to keep things simple. It’s good to have at least a couple of white socks in your wardrobe: you can pair them with almost anything. And this pair will keep your feet toasty even on the coldest winter days. The socks knitting pattern uses a simple stockinette stitch, so it is great for beginners.

A pair of white socks.

PHOTOS by Yulia Ilinkova / Ravelry.com

Find the original free pattern on Ravelry.

3. Motif (Ornament) for Hats and Socks

  • Designed by Elena Sokolova

A Scandinavian design for your winter and fall outfits. This pattern is for those who live according to the Hygge philosophy – the cozier the better. An ornamental pattern is interesting to work and serves as a gateway to more complicated designs. Once you master it, you can incorporate the same motif into your hat and sweater designs. 

A pair of grey and white socks with polka dots.

PHOTOS by Elena Sokolova / Ravelry.com

Find the original free pattern on Ravelry.

4. Rugby Socks

  • Designed by Terrifik knits

A classic design for an elegant and stylish look. The anatomical design makes this pair extremely comfortable to wear and great for active people. Plus, the simple color combination allows you to match them with different outfits. It’s also a great way to experiment with color palettes and find out which colors suit you best.

Two pictures of a woman wearing a pair of burgundy socks.

PHOTOS by Terrifik knits / Ravelry.com

Find the original free pattern on terrifiknits.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.

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