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Crochet Shell Stitch Patterns

You can never get enough inspirations for versatile decorative stiches that are, above all, simple and elegant. We undoubtedly need basic stiches in our crochet repertoire, just like we need basic clothes in our wardrobes. As shown below, we have prepared two proposals with a maritime vibe to them. Nevertheless, the clothes and decorations you create in result will look amazing not only during a walk in the port! Need more inspiration? Take a walk to our Facebook and Pinterest and follow us from there!

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Crochet shell stitch

Level: upper beginner Author: My Picot

This elegant stich is going to look great both in multicolor and in your favorite single shade. Well then, do you prefer pastels or maybe something more vibrant? No matter which way you go, your clothes and decorations are going to make you think about a nice day on the beach.

Crochet shell stitch

You will find the pattern here.

Crochet wavy shell stitch

Level: upper beginner Author: My Picot

A bit more tight, shaped like the ocean waves, still making us think of a breezy summer day. This stitch is definitely as pretty as the previous one, and also as easy to make. We bet you can’t wait to see all the wavy blankets, shawls and afghans you make!


The pattern waits right here.



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Magazine Summer 2022