Easy Halloween crafts for kids featuring spiders and bats.

Halloween Kids Crafts – Amazing Tutorials & Ideas


You will never run out of crafts with these selections of Halloween crafts for children!

From the extremely simple arts and crafts that children and preschoolers can do to make craft tutorials for elderly children step by step more difficult or they will love to do too.

Check our range of the finest crafts for this season and pull out your projects (for you or for the school).


SPIDERS – Creepy crawly time

Love it or be afraid of it (I’m sure of it) Spiders is a fun Halloween project to do with your children.

Amazing SPIDERS - Creepy crawly time

Black Cat Arts and Crafts Halloween

Cute Black Cat Arts and Crafts Halloween

Of course, one of our favourite theme creatures from Halloween is the black cat. Younger children will love to make a handprint cat – either by stamping their hands or tracking it on black paper and cutting it apart. This amazing project you will find here.

Printable Halloween Puppets

Printable Halloween Puppets

Halloween excited? We certainly are! We are sure and have built 4 fun printable Halloween marionettes, an ideal DIY project for a children’s Halloween party (at home and in school). Let’s have some fun making these monsters of Halloween!

Paper Jack O’Lantern

Easy Paper Jack O’Lantern

Some Paper Jack O’Lanterns are let’s “carve” us! This Halloween craft is so enjoyable for children that it can readily duplicate it into a decor.

DIY Bat Corner Bookmarks

Fast to do DIY Bat Corner Bookmarks

Throw a Halloween party and need simple children’s projects? Let these spooky poor DIY coin bookmarks be made adorable! For the little ones, this fun origami project. Enjoy!

Vampire Wooden Spoon Puppets

Vampire Wooden Spoon Puppets

Let’s do a fantastic collection of wooden vampire spoon marionettes to demonstrate a frightful marionet. This is a lovely little craft project for Halloween children of all ages – from preschool, children’s garden and elderly children – everybody wants to demonstrate.

Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft

Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft

Halloween and pumpkin carving are really exciting for kids.  How to Make a Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft – effective pumpkins can get rather messy, not to mention that carving is not a child-friendly method.

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