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Lovely Knitted Baby Bonnets

Every parent knows how important it is to protect their child from bad weather, among other things. And of course we want our children to always look the most beautiful, because they are beautiful! That’s why today we’re gonna show you these lovely Cute Knitted Baby Bonnets. Choose your favourite pattern and make one for your child, it will surely be stunning!

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  • Designed by Paula Garrard

Bonnets always remind me of the victorian era, when they were extremely popular among kiddos and women. This adorable marshmallow bonnet will not only make your kid look adorable, but will also keep him warm and cosy!

PHOTOS by paulagarrard /

Find original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry. This particular version is on Ravelry.


Annele&Otto Baby Bonnet (preemie&newborn)

  • Designed by Jekaterina Dmitrijeva

This lovely pattern is a free version of preemies and newborn sizes. What’s more, they are sized for small babies (preemies are made for babies born after 34 weeks) and newborns. The yarn that was used is super delicate, so it won’t irritate the delicate baby skin. Annele&Otto Baby Bonnet (preemie&newborn)

PHOTOS by Jekaterina Dmitrijeva /

Find this free pattern on Ravelry.

Bear Cub Baby Bonnet

  • Designed by Pure Stitches

This adorable bonnet will suit a 6 months old baby. It really knits up fast and uses very little amount of yarn. It’s an amazing project to use up any leftovers that you have! In other words, be sure to make such a bonnet for your friends that are expecting. Bear Cub Baby Bonnet

PHOTOS by lavenderlime /

Find this free pattern on or read more on Ravelry.

Rainbow Bearly

  • Designed by Pure Stitches

I love the yarn that was used to make this bonnet. It looks so colorful and happy! Your baby will look absolutely adorable in this bonnet and what’s more, it is very fast and easy to knit. However, if you want, you can adjust the size to an older baby.
Rainbow Bearly

PHOTOS by woolvanknits /

Find this free pattern on or read more on Ravelry.

Wee Morrie Gum Grey

  • Designed by Kelly van Niekerk

This lovely bonnet comes in one size and it will be such an adorable addition to your baby wardrobe! Great bonnet for early spring and fall time. What’s more, t’s made with a really soft yarn, so your kiddo will feel absolutely comfy in it!
Wee Morrie Gum Grey

PHOTOS by gurnard /

Find this free pattern on or read more on Ravelry.

Bearly Bonnet

  • Designed by Pure Stitches

Aw, just look at those tiny ears! It’s super cute, but do you know what would be more adorable than this hat? Your little baby in Bearly Bonnet hat! This pattern looks beautiful, and I’m sure you need to have it. Everyone will be amazed with your baby in Bearly BonnetBearly Bonnet free knitting pattern

PHOTOS by Lolotte1409 /

Find this free pattern on or read more on Ravelry.

Princess Charlotte’s Bonnet

  • Designed by Sarah Lehto

It is a pattern especially for you if you have a little princess at home. Princess Charlotte’s Bonnet is a delicate, girly pattern that will add beauty and charm to every lady! The cables are actually mock cables, making this a speedy and joyful knit.

Princess Charlotte's Bonnet free knitting pattern

PHOTOS by weewarmwoolens /

Find this free pattern on Ravelry.

Débutant baby set

  • Designed by Elizabeth Sullivan

Débutant baby set is not only a hat, but also a legwarmers! It’s a perfect idea for cold, and what’s more whi set looks super cute! What’s more the beanie will give your baby a lovely look thanks to its tapered shape and it’s really easy to do, suitable for beginners.

Débutant baby set free knitting pattern

PHOTOS by Elizabeth Sullivan /

Find this free pattern on Ravelry.

Garter Bonnet

  • Designed by Destiny Meyer

Are you looking for something simple and minimalistic, but also beautiful? Garter Bonnet thanks to its small opening is airy and perfect for spring days! It has short row shaping for the back of the neck. Moreover, it’s also classic, so it’s suitable for any outfit.

Garter Bonnet free knitting pattern

PHOTOS by Destiny Meyer /

Find this free pattern on Ravelry.

Animal Bonnet

  • Designed by Jenny Gordy

If you also think, that tiny ears add a little charm to such children’s hats, I’ m sure you’ll like it! Just look aat Animal Bonnet, isn’t that amazing? You can choose which lovely animal your child will become. Maybe red fox or sweet kitty?

Animal Bonnet free knitting pattern

PHOTOS by Jenny Gordy /

Find this free pattern on Ravelry.

Amalie Baby Bonnet

  • Designed by Julia Schwartz

This fantastic bonnet on the pictures below was made by Julia Schwartz and it’s such an adorable project for a baby! It’s a really easy to memorize bonnet, that you can make really fast and it could be such a thoughtful baby shower idea! It comes in three sizes, which are: small (0-6 months), medium (6-12 months), and large (12-24 months).Amalie Baby Bonnet

PHOTOS by Julia Schwartz /

Find original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

Twister bonnet

  • Designed by Dora Creadora

This adorable twister bonner will be absolutely adorable for both a girl and a boy! It was created by Dora Creadora and you can make your own in just few hours or less! What’s more, it comes in different sizes, which will be perfect from kiddos from 0 – 3 years old. Twister bonnet #1 (girl)

PHOTOS by GingerHandcrafts /

Find original free pattern on Ravelry. This particular version is on Ravelry.

Bibi Hat

  • Designed by marianna mel

This super adorable Bibi hat is a little bonnet made by marianna mel, that’s super easy to knit. What’s more, it’s absolutely perfect for autumn and winter walks (however it will also work well on chilly spring days). The elastic texture makes sure that the bonnet sits really well on the baby head, so don’t worry about losing it!
Bibi Hat

PHOTOS by mammadonna /

Find original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry. The top photo is here and the bottom photo is here.

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