Hats and Beanies Knitting Patterns

Beautiful Structural Knitted Beanies

Warm knitted beanies are must have during the autumn-winter period. During rainy days and cold temperatures we have to take special care of our health and cover our heads and ears. Apart from being functional, beanie can also be a beautiful addition to our outfit. That’s why today we’re gonna show you some Beautiful Structural Knitted Beanies. Choose the best one for you!

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Basic Knitted Adult Hat

  • Designed by Stephanie Jessica Lau

Sometimes the simplest projects are the best. This beautiful beanie by Stephanie Jessica Lau on the photo below is the best example for that. What’s more, it’s super warm and comfy, so you’ll want to wear it all winter long.

Basic Knitted Adult Hat

Photo is Stephanie Jessica Lau / Ravelry.com


Find original free pattern on allaboutami.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.

Snow Day

  • Designed by Jerry Burch

Which color of the ones below in the picture is your favorite? Hard to choose one, right? But who said that you have to pick just one color? In other words, feel free to make a bunch of these amazing knitted beanies by Jerry Burch!

Snow Day

Photo is Jerry Burch / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on Ravelry.

Classic Ribbed Hat

  • Designed by Purl Soho

This ribbed hat by Purl Soho is just a timeless classic, because of the simple shape and design. What’s more, you can have your new beanie in a heartbeat. And of course make it in any color you like the most! In addition to that, you can easily adjust the size of this beanie.

Classic Ribbed Hat

Photo is Purl Soho / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on purlsoho.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.

Profiterole Hat

  • Designed by Lauren Rad

This beanie is really stunning! Thanks to small openings it looks a little bit vintage. Profiterole Hat is really warm and cosy, perfect for cold weather. This light, fluffy hat is similarly meant to be the perfect topper to your favorite outfit. Pink colour is cute and girly but you can choose another colour if you want.

Profiterole Hat free knitting pattern

Photo is Lauren Rad / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on Ravelry.

Salted Scales Hat

  • Designed by Acrylicana Knits

If you like vividly colored clothes, you’re gonna like this hat! Salted Scales Hat with a cable twist down the side, is the perfect pattern to give you positive energy and happiness when the weather is bad. Moreover, it’s a quick, fun knit, so it won’t take you much time!

Salted Scales Hat free knitting pattern

Photo is Acrylicana Knits / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on Ravelry.

Dot dot dot Beanie

  • Designed by Nomad Stitches

Dots looks funny and cute, so I think everybody loves them! The Dot dot dot beanie is a fun accessory that will keep your whole family warm and looking cute, because is available with both adult and baby. It will be lovely when you and your small family member will have the same beanies!

Dot dot dot Beanie free knitting pattern

Photo is Nomad Stitches / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on Ravelry.

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February Hat

  • Designed by Kelbourne Woolens

This February Hat looks like from a high quality stylish shop, don’t you think? Original stitch and funny pompom on the top makes this hat look great. Take a grey yarn or just choose your favourite colour, it will looks amazing anyway!

February Hat free knitting pattern

Photo is Kelbourne Woolens / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on Ravelry.

Spruce Grouse Hat

  • Designed by Katie Herrod

Pompom or without pompom? It’s up to you! The different textures make this Spruce Grouse Hat comfortable and cozy with subtle visual interest. There are two brim options: Basic Ribbed Brim and Ribbed Double Brim

Spruce Grouse Hat knitting pattern

Photo is Katie Herrod / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on Ravelry.

Spindrift Hat

  • Designed by Juliana Lustenader

I absoluteelhy fell in love with this pattern, because the combination of the pale blue with the festive design makes this hat look like it has a snowflake in the center. It’s a super bulky knit, that’s ideal for last minute gifts. The pattern includes charted and written instructions.

Spindrift Hat

Photo is Juliana Lustenader / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on Ravelry.

Bonnet Twister Hat

  • Designed by Fibre and Folk

You really can’t have enough hats, because there are just too many cute knit patterns out there! I mean, just take a look at this incredible hat by Fibre and Folk! It’s a super easy and fast pattern. It’s great for beginners and you can be sure that it will keep you warm.

Bonnet Twister Hat

Photo is Fibre and Folk / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on fibreandfolk.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.


  • Designed by Isabell Kraemer

This delicate beanie on the pictures below was made by  Isabell Kraemer and it’s just a really beautiful and feminine project for fall and winter time. Feel free to make it in any color you like the most. And of course don’t forget about gifting such a sweet hat to your family and friends!


Photo is  Isabell Kraemer / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on Ravelry. This particular version is on Ravelry.

MKE Grey Skies Hat

  • DESIGNED by Julie Steinhafel

The grey skies and gloomy weather are sadly (or luckily, I personally love winter time!) quite common in the winter. This beanie on the pictures below by Julie Steinhafel will keep your head warm and cosy during these days. The finished size is made to fit an average 22” circumference head.

MKE Grey Skies Hat

Photo is by Julie Steinhafel / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on Ravelry.

Aran Island Hats

  • DESIGNED by Courtney Kelley

I love creme and beige winter accessories like these beanies on the pictures below! I mean, just look at them, aren’t they the sweetest? What’s more, you can make matching hats for all your family, because the size of these is easily adjustable and they work up fast.

Aran Island Hats

Photo is by knittingnanoo / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on Ravelry.com, or read more about this version is on Ravelry.

Mum’s Winterset

  • DESIGNED by Julia Gotthardt

If you want to stand out, definitely incorporate some red into your winter wardrobe. Highly recommended! For instance, take a look at this beautiful, feminine set on the pictures below! It was made by Julia Gotthardt and it’s super bulky and warm.

Mum's Winterset

Photo is by Julia Gotthardt / Ravelry.com

Find original free pattern on knitting-jule.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.

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