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Farm Animals Amigurumi

Farm animals are our closest friends! Our children get acquainted with them, probably just after their parents and other family members. What does the cow say? How does a pig grunt? We teach them these sounds, show pictures, and listen to children’s songs about Farmer McDonald. But you can also crochet farm animals amigurumi and play with them! Below is a collection of free crochet patterns. Follow them and create an entire home farm!

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Sally the Sheep

  • Designed by Marcy Gardner

This lovely sheep will be the most loved amigurumi toy for your children. It’s approximately 9 inches long, and it’s comfy to play with it and take it outside. The amigurumi sheep will be a wonderful gift for a birthday to any kid. The pattern is free, so feel free to use it.

amigurumi sheep free crochet pattern

Photo is by Marcy Gardner /

Find the original free pattern on Ravelry.

Chick’s Family

  • Designed by Lisa Geerts

There is no farm without a chick’s family! It’s a fun project with an amigurumi chicken free pattern. You’ll make the whole coop: a hen, a rooster, and a dozen lovely chickens. Besides, you can take them as Easter decor as they have an egg shape. Happy crocheting!

amigurumi chicken free crochet pattern

Photo is by Lisa Geerts /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

Crochet Cow Stuffie

  • Designed by Yarnspirations

Crochet cow is a must-have on your amigurumi toy farm, and this one is big and fluffy. It will be fun to play with, not only for infants or toddlers. Everyone will love it! The amigurumi cow pattern is free and affordable for beginners, so grab your gear and try it!

cow amigurumi free crochet pattern

Photo is by Yarnspirations /

Find the original free pattern on

Pig Amigurumi Keychain

  • Designed by Mariska Vos-Bolman

Here is a universal free pig crochet pattern, as you can make it in any size depending on the hook and yarn weight you choose. The instructions are for the tiny pig you can make in an hour, but go up with a bigger hook, and you’ll get a perfect amigurumi pig to play with.

amigurumi pig free crochet pattern

Photo is by DIY Fluffies /

Find the original free pattern on


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Duo The Donkey

  • Designed by Keke Grace

Donkeys are so sweet, do you agree? But we always forget to add them to the farm dwellers. So, we won’t make that mistake and crochet it with a free amigurumi donkey pattern. It will be an easy project for advanced beginners and a fantastic toy for their kids. Hee-haw!

crochet donkey free pattern

Photo is by Keke Grace /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.


  • Designed by Paula de Tassia Ferreira

A rooster is the king of any farm. It should be among the farm animals you’ll create for playing with your child. It’s rather hard to say Cock-A-Doodle-Doo! for kids, but they will manage when having such a stately crochet rooster on hand. The pattern is free, so make it!

amigurumi rooster free crochet pattern

Photo is by Paula de Tassia Ferreira /

Find the original free pattern on, or read more about it on Ravelry.

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