free crochet pattern: Peacock Tail Bags

Peacock Tail Bags Free Crochet Pattern


These Peacock Tail Bags are really charming! They’re colorful, textured, and resembles real peacock feather. Like a peacock’s tail, they’ll catch the eye of passers-by. Look at these beautiful patterns and start making your bag now!

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Peacock Crochet Bag

You absolutely must have this beautiful bag! The starting point is a mandala, which is then transformed into half-moon shape. Following the steps of this crochet-along will allow you to make it without problems, even if you don’t feel confident in tackling this kind of a project.

free crochet pattern: Peacock Tail Bags

You will find the pattern here


Girly Peacock Bag

This flirtatious Girly Peacock Bag is perfect for a date or evening walk and what’s more, it will look perfect with a dress! Vivid but delicate colours make the handbag look girly. If you like gorgeous colours like fuchsia or pink, create this amazing bag now!

free crochet pattern: Peacock Tail Bags

You will find this free pattern here.


Peacock Butterfly Bag

This bag has this handbag has a gorgeous 3D texture that captures the eye The pattern resembles flowers or butterflies – it depends on your interpetition. Anyway, the handbag looks fantastic! It’s a great pattern for intermediate.

free crochet pattern: Peacock Tail Bags

You will find this pattern here.


The bag looks phenomenal and creates a fabulous outfit, because even if you wear your jeans and basic t-shirt, you’ll look great with this original bag anyway. Now end with the usual black bags and create this wonderful one!

free crochet pattern: Peacock Tail Bags

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