Crochet Patterns Squares and Blocks

Floral Motif Square Free Crochet Pattern

Your table has never looked so gorgeous before! Just look at these patterns and make them into coasters or a table runner. Choose your favourite colour palette and go for it!

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Painted Flower Hexagon

This Stained Glass effect is really amazing! Check out this Painted Flower Hexagon. It looks absolutely stunning with floral motif at the center and black borders. This amazing addition will enliven your room and every cup of tea will taste better standing on this coaster!

You will find this free pattern here. more info here


Gorgeous Sunflowers

You can bring some sunshine into your house right now! These Beautiful Sunflowers will cheer you up, especially during the winter and autumn, when the weather isn’t sunny. You can use these sunflower squares to make a blanket or coasters, just create something beautiful!

You will find this free pattern here

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