Feminine Knitted Cardigans

Women’s cardigans are timeless and look great in many different looks. They can look feminine, charming or even elegant. Today we show you some cardigans and kimonos that you can do easily. It works up quickly and has simple construction. Find cotton yarn in your favourite colour and start today!

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Lovely Feminine Cardigan

This cardigan looks really cute and girly. It will fit perfectly with a skirt or a plain blouse. Choose an unusual yarn colour to make your outfit original. Short sleeves are very cute, aren’t they?

You will find this free pattern here.


Raibow Crochet Kimono

This cardigan looks very positive and joyful, full of positive energy, don’t you think? Just look at these colors, the day gets better right away. Lacy wave stitch is easy to memorize and is perfect for spring or summer. It will look beautiful on holiday or festival photos.

You will find this free pattern here.


Boho Crochet Cardigan

This cardigan looks like a boho-style. Airy, open mesh stitch pattern is easy enough for intermediate. It’s a combination of boho style and a bit of elegance, which makes it look very stylish. Colours create a consistent and interesting composition.


You will find this free pattern here.


Multicolour Long Cardigan

This cardigan is a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it’s very difficult. Just this Kimono is over 12,300 stitches and made with almost 1500 yards of yarn. If you want to do this, you have to be patient, but it’s definitely worth it. See how beautiful it is!

You will find this free pattern here.


Casual pretty cardigan

This cardigan looks very nice and soft. It’s super easy to make comprised of 3 rectangles and some seaming, so if you need a cardigan which is universal and cozy – this one is perfect for you!

You will find this free pattern here.


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