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Colorful Temperature Blankets Free Crochet Patterns

Have you ever heard about Temperature Blankets? The basic idea of a temperature blanket is to crochet a number of rows on a blanket each day. The best way is when you’ll do it everyday for a full calendar year. The colors used each day correspond with the temperature outside. Here you can see different options of this pattern and I hope you like this original idea. Ready for the challenge?

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Mitred Square Temperature Blanket

This beautiful Mitred Square Temperature Blanket is an original way to create your temperature blanket. Each such square shows the temperature of the day, isn’t it great? It looks beautiful and has a hidden and unknown meaning at first sight. Maybe the pieces of blanket will remind you of some special events from the past year?

Black and colorfull squares blanket

You will find this free pattern here



Temperature Blanket Squared

When one little thread or piece is not enough, this blanket will certainly be perfect for you, because every day is a big square! You can create a really big blanket with different colours and shades depending on the temperature, I’m sure it will look great.

Colorful squares crochet blanket laying on the floor

You will find this free pattern here


CrochetKim Birth Temperature Blanket

Such an idea is  perfect for a gift – CrochetKim Birth Temperature Blanket is a year of temperatures from the birth period! You can use the pattern for your birth year or the birth year of someone you love. It can also be a wonderful reminder of your pregnancy, which will certainly be something special after the birth of your baby.

Ripple red purple and orange crochet pattern

You will find this free pattern here


Nomad by Fate

No special ideas for this year? So January is the perfect time to take on a new challenge and create your Nomad by Fate blanket. It’s not too late! Check the temperatures of past days on the internet and create your temperature blanket this year.

Colorful square with rainbow and pink blankets

Project based on this free pattern from here

Temperature Blanket

This Temperature Blanket is unique because the lines go out and create a circle, so it looks like a mandala. It’s really beautiful! When you decorate it with these lovely hearts or flowers it will look absolutely perfect. This is also a great gift idea!

colorful round blanket laying on the table

You will find this pattern here

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